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About us 

Best Electric Fireplaces source only the best electric fireplaces from around the UK and make them available in one marketplace readily making it easy for online shoppers to browse and buy.

We put our heart and soul into sourcing unique and outstanding quality electric fireplaces, making sure our visitors have a a fantastic range of quality electric fireplaces to choose from.

Electric Fireplaces – The Ultimate Substitute.

An electric fireplace is the ultimate substitute to a traditional wood burning fireplace. We say substitute because electric fireplaces don’t produce any real flames but create the same effect and feeling as a traditional one.

This is why many home owners overlook traditional fireplaces and go for the safer and more efficient electric fireplace.

Six critical qualities of electric fireplaces.

The interest in electric fireplaces is at an all-time high, everyone is on the lookout for the best electric fireplace, especially when winter comes.

There is a lot of inaccurate information when it comes to electric fireplaces, confusing the process of selecting the right fireplace.

Fortunately, the process isn’t all that difficult, once you know the right questions to ask. With that introduction here are:


What is the mantle made of? Is it solid wood or MDF? What about the fireplace itself?

You must look at an electric fireplace as you would any other piece of furniture, since it has both form and function and what is commonly known as the heart of the home.

Ever notice how the screws pull out of the MDF? Or seen the centre just collapse?

Solid wood means quality and that’s exactly what Best Electric Fireplaces offer; Premium quality electric fireplaces.


Look at the corners, bottom and side for detail, did the manufacturer take the time to make the whole mantel look nice? What are the moldings like?

The more detail the more likely your looking at a quality electric fireplace suite.

Realistic fuel effects.

The most common fuel effects on electric fireplaces are coal, logs and pebbles.

Best Electric Fireplaces personally recommend pebbles, we have seen many beautiful fireplaces but the pebble effect really does give it that signature of quality, but it’s each to their own.

A good tip when choosing your electric fireplace is to make sure the fuel effect still looks good when it’s turned off.

Electric fireplace finish.

If the electric fireplace looks cheap 99% of the time it is cheap. Our cheapest model is £90; it comes with a one year manufacturers guarantee.

When choosing your electric fireplace look for a deep lustrous finish, as opposed to a cheap layer of paint.

Electric fireplaces heating capabilities.

Electric fireplaces should never be the primary source of heat in your household, our electric fireplaces are perfect for heating up a moderately sized room and making it feel cosy.


Electric fireplaces are the most uncomplicated type of fireplace, they are design in such a way that users can control the temperature and the flame making it easy to just turn it off when needs be.

With a traditional wood burning fireplace you have to wait for the fire to go out as opposed to an electric fireplace by just simply turning it off from a remote control.

 Electric fireplace advantages.

  • Easy to install. Electric fireplaces don’t require a chimney; this means they can be installed in any room even if that room doesn’t support wood burning ventilation. They are also extremely lightweight and easy to move from room to room.
  • They run on electricity. Electric fireplaces cost much less to run when compared to gas and wood burning fireplaces.
  • Like any other fireplace, electric fireplaces come in the form of suites, wall mounted, stoves and inserts.
  • All of the electric fireplaces that we have sourced have adjustable heat and flame settings, making it easy for users to control the heat and ambience of the room.
  • Easy to maintain. Electric fireplaces do not require lots of cleaning, as they don’t produce embers and ash they are basically maintenance free, apart from the old polish with a cloth.
  • Smoke free. Smoke and ash can be hazardous to our health therefore electric fireplaces are very popular within the houses of people who have children and pets.

Final thoughts.

Electric fireplaces come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit your choice. Best Electric Fireplaces have a fantastic range for you to choose from, and they are all backed by a manufactures guarantee ranging from 1 year to 3 years.

An electric fireplace heater is an effective and simple way to heating your room while adding a real touch of elegance. It gives you all the advantages of a regular fireplace but without the pollution such as carbon monoxide, ask and all the other conventional mess a traditional fireplace produces.

Electric fireplaces are also extremely inexpensive compared to conventional or gas fireplaces and they can be installed just about anywhere.

Quality of construction.

When shopping for your perfect electric fireplaces remember to look for the quality of construction. It’s hard to judge just by photographs but we do our very best to provide you with only the highest quality pictures.

Here a few extras to look out for when you are buying an electric fireplace in the UK online.

Realistic logs, attractive case design, pebbles, coal and glass doors. These options can increase the price of the product, however that’s why it’s important to do your research first before you buy an electric fireplace online. Make sure you are 100% happy with the design and its features.

Many people use electric fireplaces as a supplement to their homes central heating system. Electric fireplaces are renowned for their low running costs especially our eco range. In most cases electric fireplaces are more economical when they are only to be used at certain times of the day, most commonly on a night time when everyone is back from work. Using an electric fireplace like this will reduce your energy be as you don’t need to have it running when your using an electric fireplace.

For this reason, electric fireplaces are becoming more and more popular for the environmentally and economical conscious people.

The main thing to remember when buying an electric fireplace.

The main thing to remember is a fireplace that operates on electricity is going to have the same safety concern as a space heater. This is because both space heaters and electric fireplaces use electricity to produce heat using the same methods.

This article information will help educate the average homeowner on how to operate an electric fireplace safely.

When looking at the safety requirements for an electric fireplace you need to think outside the box. Generally, when you think about fireplace safety you would usually think about gas lines or burning embers escaping the fire put. However, an electric fireplace produces no flames, in fact some models have such life like flames that it can fool people into thinking it’s a real fireplace.

The First Thing You Should Do when you get your electric fireplace.

The first thing you should do is read and follow the specifications and recommendations set forth by the manufacturer.

This may include what type of surface and or insulation is required around or under your model, and other things such as operational time limits and restrictions on extension cords.

You should always make sure there is no clutter or flammable material anywhere near or around your electric fireplace. It’s also smart to never let your electric fireplace run when you aren’t at home; in fact, you should allow an hour or two for the fireplace itself to cool down if you have children or pets.

No Hassel electric fireplaces.

If you’re looking for the look and feel of a traditional fireplace but don’t want the hassle that comes with one, then an electric fireplace is definitely the right choice for you.

To help you choose an electric fireplace.

Traditional hearths all come with unique drawbacks, and they are difficult (and expensive) to build into pre-existing structures.

Unlike conventional heaters or radiators, which can sometimes be an eyesore to any room, electric fireplaces have light bulbs within the unit that create an artificial glow, simulating the look or authentic flames. You have the beauty of a fire without the inconvenience.

Electric fireplace flames.

Flame effects have come a long way for electric fireplaces in general, especially in recent years as more and more electric fireplaces look like they have a real flame. An added bonus for practicality is that all types of electric fireplaces allow you to use the flame effect with or without the heat on.

Usually flames are created from the burning wood, most people would be fooled into thinking that the flames produced by an electric fireplace are the source of the heat, but in-fact is actually the heater below.

The beauty of an electric fireplace is that you can have the flames flickering away and not have the heater on.

The flame is merely an effect of manipulated lighting, and the manufacturers do a fantastic job of pulling it off.  The heat does not produce a flame, but to make the electric fireplace more appealing, manufactures install this effect for a natural, warming appearance in the room.

During selection, pay close attention to the movement of the flame in the inset electric fireplaces. Do not get distracted by the accessories or features of the unit, especially with electric suites as the surrounds can take your eye right off the fireplace itself.

Flame movement is the first thing that will tip people off that your fire is not real, choose an electric fireplace that emits crackling sounds while they are turned on for the best electric fireplace.

Nothing is more critical to the ambiance of your electric fireplace than the realism of the flame. There is great variation in this area so make sure you do your homework.

Brands like Ekofires, Adam, Flamerite and Dimplex have the best flames. Beware of others and check out reviews of not so popular manufacturers.

Benefits of an electric fireplace.

Electric fireplaces are so convenient this is why they are so popular in the UK in 2016, everybody wants practicality and simplicity. Best Electric Fireplaces products give of a vibrant house warming light and heat.

This provides home owners with comfort and relaxation, as opposed to stoking the fire every 30 minutes and adding more coal and logs.

Electric fireplaces don’t produce smoke or ashes either which is just another added bonus and unique selling point that is making the electric fireplace market in the UK more and more desirable for shoppers.

Position and plug.

The great beauty of electric fireplaces is that there’s no reason to call a handyman, all you simply have to do is position where you desire it and plug it in, it’s that simple.

Electric suites however aren’t as straight forward as that but every product we sell comes with detailed installation instructions that are easy to follow.

Most electric fireplaces are not capable of hard wiring into a 220 volts’ circuit, however with a built in electric fireplace you have the option of plugging it into a standard 110-volt outlet or hardwiring it into a 220-volt circuit.

Instead of the standard 1440-watt heating output of a plug in electric fireplace, a built in will boost heating capacity to 2700 watts (12 amps). In terms of coverage 2700 watts will heat up to 800 square feet.

Remote control.

Depending on the model you have chosen outdoor electric fireplaces come with a remote control, some units allow the crackle sound to be turned on and off, as well as adjusting the flicker of the flames.

The remote control even allows you to turn the heat off and still have the flames on for times when you don’t need the heat.


Low cost electric fireplaces can start from as little as £50, but you really need to check the fireplaces with the best reviews as there are a lot of low quality fireplaces on the market. Best Electric Fireplaces have a range of low cost electric fireplaces as well as a medium price range.

The inserts themselves are responsible for the heat output, they include a fuel effect, blower and controls to adjust the flame effect and temperature. Inserts on their own are responsible for most of the cheap electric fireplaces. Even though we do have a range of cheap electric fireplaces this does not mean they are cheap in quality, these fireplaces are backed with a one year manufacturers guarantee.

Electric fireplaces can be brought on their own as an insert or a free standing insert or as a suite. Suites are available to help you make the most of the space you have, allowing bookshelves or cabinets to be installed.

Electric fireplaces that are good to the environment.

Traditional wood burning fireplaces emit carbon dioxide and produce lots of ashes.

There is no cleaning what so ever with an electric fireplace as no ashes or smoke are produced, this results in less pollution and a cleaner surround.

Top reasons why people buy and electric fireplace.

There are so many reasons to consider buying an electric fireplace, that’s why Best Electric Fireplaces have put together this information to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying an electric fireplace.

Here are some of the main reasons why electric fireplaces are so popular:

  • Ease of installation (position and plugin)
  • No chimney
  • No building contractors
  • No wood
  • No cleaning up
  • Low running costs

How electric fireplaces work.

In order for electric fireplaces to heat a room up and spread the warmth around they use a “fan forced heater”. Large metal coils are heated up by the electricity within the electric fireplace. This is where the fan comes into place, it directs the heat outwards thus heating the room up.

Fan forced heaters are extremely quiet, powerful and energy efficient. They allow for the heat to be spread over a large area.

A great addition to the household.

Electric fireplaces are a great addition to any home, they come with adjustable modes and settings which allows users to change the roaring flame or temperature with a single click. They have a realistic sound that gives of the same cozy and warm fuzzy feeling as a traditional wood burning fireplace but without the usual risks that an open fire presents making them much safer.

An electric fireplaces purpose is the same as a traditional fire however, it doesn’t pose the usual risks and chores that a traditional fireplace does.

Let’s start with its most common selling points, firstly there is no risk of flying embers, sparks or smoke making it a whole lot safer for a home with pets and children.

Secondly there is no ventilation required, no need for a chimney or building contractor to come and re construct your house, all you have to do to make the electric fireplace function is plug it in and turn it on.

Electric fireplace sizes.

Electric fireplaces come in a range of sizes, the most popular would be the small compact ones as they are easy to position. Small electric fireplaces are very popular among campers and travelers as they can take them away with them, our lightest fireplace is 25kg.

Larger fireplaces tend to have a bigger flame as well as a big surround. The surrounds come in a variety of color combinations to suit your needs.

Buying tips.

Electric fireplaces generally rely and circulation to heat a room. When using an electric fireplaces safety is the number one priority. Remember to buy a new model instead of a second hand old one. Newer models will have more advanced safety measures and features.

Free standing.

Free standing electric fireplaces make a nice addition in almost every room in the home. No special arrangements need to be made for the electric fireplace, just a standard plug socket for the unit to be plugged into.

Electric fireplaces are one of the best methods for lowering your heating bills. Electric suites are cost effective and make a real statement in your living room, you also get the added advantage of it being economical.

Over the years many fireplaces have been built in homes. With a traditional fireplace you’re constantly having to buy wood, cut it up then clean all the mess afterwards. With an electric fireplace there really is no maintenance and it can be turned off with the flick of a switch.

Electric fireplaces are more popular in new built home, the reason for this is because it’s a lot more practical to buy a great looking electric fireplace online and have it delivered to your home within days and literally plug it in and you’re good to go. It makes total sense, there’s no need for a chimney, a handyman or building contractor.


Electric fireplace manufactures have created some very innovative designs that are making them more and more desirable. The corner electric fireplace allows the use of dead space in a corner. Mantels come in a variety of high quality rich woods and stone. Wood types include pecan, walnut, oak and mahogany.

Outdoor electric fire places.

Another game changer is the outdoor electric fireplace. These designs are simply breath-taking. Perfect for when you have friends and family over for gatherings. Although we do not currently stock outdoor electric fireplaces we will be in the near future. We thought it would be worth mentioning for our readers as outdoor electric fireplaces are a beautiful feature to your garden.

What do if you have an old school fireplace but want to have an electric fireplace?

You get an electric insert. With an electric insert you would simply position it where your fireplace would normally go. The inserts are designed to fit snug and look like they were always a part of the fireplace. The beauty of an electric insert fireplace is that you don’t require wood or constant attention on keeping the fire a light. Even a child can turn one on.

Electric inserts work just like a traditional fireplace in the way of heat, all they do is generate heat from the coils and a fan blows it out distributing the hot air around the room. This is the same for electric stoves, electric suites and wall mounted electric fireplaces.

Many homes don’t make the most of their traditional fireplaces, that’s why it’s a good idea to have an electric fireplace and make use of the hole in the wall. Inset electric fireplaces really complement the traditional look of the fireplace and bring a very cool feeling to the home.

A built in fireplace may require a bit of carpentry to install since the unit will need to fit flush to the wall, but the results are well worth the effort. As well as enhanced aesthetics it also increases the heating capacity as there are less exits for the heat to escape.

Electric fireplace instructions.

Detailed installation instructions are included with all Best Electric Fireplaces units. The instructions are very easy and straightforward to follow making the whole experience enjoyable from purchase to pushing the on switch.


Electric fireplaces add exquisiteness to any room they end up in. They can be mounted on wall or positioned in the heart of the main living room. They come in the form of electric inserts, wall mounted electric fireplaces, electric suites and electric stoves.

They can be adjusted to suit whatever temperature is desired making them more practical and efficient than a traditional wood burning fireplace.

If you are looking for a versatile electric fireplace that can be positioned wherever you like, then Best Electric Fireplaces urge you to browse our fantastic range of premium electric fireplaces. They will not only save you money, but make your home pollution free.

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Kirkham Suite With Cream Stove

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